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Keep your Loved Ones Safe at home

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has additional risks for the elderly population. Guardian Angels HomeCare’s...

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Safeguarding Against the Coron...

Guardian Angels HomeCare is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees and patients.

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Heat Related Health Risks

With summer just around the corner we’re all excited to get outside more. However, with the nicer weather

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Why Hire a Home Care Company

The elderly would prefer to live out their lives in their home rather than in a nursing home or assisted...

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What is Respite Care?

You might have heard the term ‘Respite Care’, before but wondered what does that mean. When you are a...

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Signs a Home Caregiver is Needed

Look for these signs that a home caregiver could help your aging parents stay in their home.

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Connecticut Senior Homecare Aides
Fraud Against Seniors

Financial scams targeting seniors are on the rise. Seniors are a common target for many thieves for many reasons...

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CT Elderly Care
What to Discuss with your...

Becoming a caregiver to your parent can be a difficult and overwhelming thought. Watching your parent’s age or seeing...

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Senior Care At Home Help
Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is a collection of symptoms which can occur due to a variety of diseases. While dementia symptoms can include...

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Communicating with a Person with Dementia

One of the bigger challenges of dementia is that it can affect a person’s ability to speak and communicate their needs.

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Medicaid Homecare Provider
Benefits of an Independent Living Community

Independent living communities are a great option post retirement. These facilities are designed for seniors...

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CT Medicaid Homecare for Seniors
Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

An assisted living center is ideal for elderly people who are in a transitional stage of aging...

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Immunizations for Seniors

As we get older we are prescribed medications to help us maintain our health. Seniors on average are prescribed...

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Why Don’t Seniors Take...

As we get older we are prescribed medications to help us maintain our health. Seniors on average are prescribed...

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Senior Winter & Holiday Safety

During the winter months it can be more difficult to get around and stay warm for everyone, seniors especially...

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Elderly Depression

Watching someone deal with depression is tough. Making it even more difficult is watching your parents deal with it.

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Caring for Someone with a Disability

Taking care of someone with a disability can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Those young and old with a disability...

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At home care for CT Seniors
Considering Medical Alert Devices

According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA) for seniors, falls are the leading causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries...

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At home care for Connecticut Seniors
Senior Home Safety Checklist

The decision to move your aging parent into an assisted living facility or leave them at home is a tough one...

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

The summertime means enjoying the outdoors, fun and relaxation for most people. However, for seniors the sun...

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Dementia Care In CT
Avoiding the "War of the Wardrobe"

Does your loved one have dementia are wears mismatched or inappropriate clothing? If so, it’s time to step in.

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"Promise you won't …"

The request that every child dreads: “Promise you won’t put me in a nursing home.” The loving child in you...

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Preventing a second heart attack

Recovering from a heart attack will take time. There are emotional and physical reactions to deal with at first...

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Making medical decisions in a crisis

If you are named as the health care decision maker for your loved one, you may be asked to make very important....

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Dementia Homecare For CT Seniors
Visits: more than just business

Short on time? No one understands that feeling better than family caregivers. There’s always so much to do and...

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Preventing aspiration pneumonia

Those with advanced and end-stage dementia are a lot more prone to pneumonia. However...

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Medical deductions

When medical expenses start adding up, Uncle Sam allows special deductions for them...

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"Sometimes I feel furious!"

Anger as an emotion is neither good nor bad. Anger is merely a messenger It can provide energy...

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Image of CT Senior Homecare Agency
Getting pneumonia while...

Patients in the hospital spend a lot of time in bed. With no activity, fluids build up in the lungs ...

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CT Homecare Agency
Caregiving and your partner produced a survey showing some of the domestic pressures when faced...

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After a heart attack

A heart attack is a frightening, life-changing event that affects the entire family...

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Mealtime and dementia

One of the effects of dementia is the change in the way foods taste and smell...

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Helping resolutions stick

Like many people you, as a family caregiver, may have made some New Year resolutions and may have already lost your momentum...

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When the attorney shuts you out

Most family caregivers are shocked to be told by an attorney to stay in the waiting room...

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Probiotics: The “good” bacteria

Did you know you are an ecosystem? As humans we are naturally full of bacteria.

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